Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Old" Faith

I had a necklace and I'd lost it; so after months of not finding it I decided it was time to replace it. Bringing it home I noticed how shiny it seemed and sparkly.

Of course the afternoon I came home with the replacement necklace I found the original one! With them side by side now you could really tell the difference between the two. One was brand new and unsullied yet the other was a deeper sheen.

So compared to the old would I keep the new instead? All bright, fresh, and shiny?
Not a chance.

I had begun wearing this cross necklace as a reminder to myself of who it is I belong to and to whom is entrusted with my care. The subsequent years found me fingering it through hospital rooms and doctor’s offices, entering a new decade, and days in which life just didn’t work the way it was “supposed” to. It had come to represents a faith that is old and experienced; and a God that has been tried and proven Himself faithful time and time again.

I remember the shininess of first love when I first entered this relationship with the Savior but now it is a faith that has been forged through the fires of life and has come out as pure gold.

God is faithful. Always. Never has He abandoned the soul that has been entrusted to His care. Never has he fallen asleep and been caught unaware. This is the testimony to me of my necklace and of my life, and is true for every life that looks to Him as their God.

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chrisd said...

I like the darker one, which I suspect is the older one.

It looks older and the metal appears to have more patina and depth.

Now you have 2 necklaces. Will you pass one on to your daughter?