Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Open my Eyes?

I love my eye doctor! He is the most enjoyable and engaging medical professional I have ever been forced to spend time with (seeing that two of the four of us are quite bereft in the vision department, it has been a decent amount of time). 

He is knowledgeable, funny, and caring, and  he takes his time with the exam and in answering all my questions.  I love it as a patient in the chair, not so much as one in the waiting room but at least I know my time with his undivided attention is coming.

Last night he dilated my pupils and, although I've worn contacts the majority of my life, I'm still a bit squeamish about things being put into my eyes but it was necessary. So I laid my head back and opened my eyes wide for the drops. After a few minutes, when my pupils were wide open and fixed in place so they couldn't constrict; he took an extremely bright light and, getting right up to my eye, looked through my open pupils to the back to check out the health of my retina. It was intense and for the rest of the evening my vision was altered.

We sing these beautiful choruses that say "Open my eyes that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me" or "Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you." but I've found having one's eyes opened can be a very uncomfortable experience.

God often brings a catalyst into our lives that opens our eyes and then with the light of His Word examines our hearts and it is revealed to us that all is not as it should be with our souls.  Sudden illness or downturns or conflict or conviction disclose that deep down faith is frail and doubts are lurking; that when push comes to shove perhaps beliefs ascribed to by lips and intellectual assent have not taken root and flourished in the heart.

I've recently had my eyes opened and am still processing through what it exposed.  I liked the way I saw things before my vision was altered because with new sight comes new responsibility. So now I must chose to respond appropriately or close my eyes to what God has shown me.

May our all-powerful and loving God, who opens our eyes, also give us the ability and courage to walk in this newness of sight.

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